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The kittens are coming...

12 June 2017
The kittens are coming...

It is coming to the season where cats are starting to have kittens.  This is great if it is planned and you have a good home for them, but there are too many unplanned. 

If your cat is not neutered please think about getting this done before you end up with a few too many furry friends. 

Many veterinary surgeons believe that spaying or neutering not only helps solve the serious problem of a burgeoning population of unwanted cats but also makes for friendlier, easier-to-live-with pets. Spayed female cats are more relaxed, playful and affectionate, while castrated males are calmer and less likely to 'spray' or urine-mark their territory, wander away from their home or fight. Plus, sterilisation has health benefits - it minimizes the risk of mammary cancer in females and reduces the incidence of prostate problems in males.

If you need help with this we can put you in touch with local vets and if you need financial support to do this, then we may be able to provide that.