A Rescued Cat Reunited with its Owners

22 June 2017

Here is a story from one of our volunteers, Tony, who tells of a stray cat he found in his garden... I love cats, they are just irresistible, so when a little stray tabby took up residence under the rhododendron bush in our front garden I had to befriend and feed it. This went on for several days and although very nervous it was always hungry but would not allow me to get close enough to touch it. It never ventured further than a few yards from the sanctuary ...

One Fosterer Down

19 June 2017

Here is a story from Nick who is a Cat Protection volunteer who fostered Fred...Nobody knew what had happened to Fred. He was stealing food from other cats and fighting. Cat Protection were called and he was trapped in April and brought into the vets. When I picked him up from the vet he was sulking after his op and not looking for a cuddle. He buried himself deep in a corner of a dark room and and the only sign of life was a loud growl or hiss for anyone who came within 6 feet of him. He ...